Saturday, September 20, 2008

Someone gots tooth caps did

I know they all do. But in this case, I think chiclet teeth are a definite improvement for Julian McMahon - as he looked kind of gross with his old-man-Aussie-teeth [Australians in the readership - do you kind of know what I mean?]

Early 90s

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Mid 2000s. [hot]

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Anonymous said...

You're kidding right? How does he even floss those? It's like he has one long insert of plastic in his mouth. They don't even look like teeth!

Elisa said...

nono - I geniunely kinda like them. I doubt he needs to floss or even brush - probably have some kind of scotchguard on them! haha :)

Anna said...

Being Australian I don't mind old man Aussie teeth at all. Prefer them to Hollywood chiclets.

I'm old enough to remember Julian McMahon's father - he was our Prime Minister in the early 1970s and also my local parliamentarian. Julian looks a lot more like his mother than his father.