Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can we PLEASE stop bastardising poor Audrey.

Ick Ick Ick. I really can't stand it. I mean come on...Eva?!? VOM!
Elisita can't handle it. Blegh.
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sarasophia said...

Every time I am faced with such paltry copies of the original I hear the Highlander motto ringing in my ears, "There can only be One".

Why is it so hard for celebrities to explore individuality??

<3 sarasophia

jkelsofarrell said...

It's wrong to do to Audrey with anyone, but with a talentless hack like Eva Longoria? That's just mean.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. They can't even afford the right gloves.

Janae said...

I agree.

I swear it's like putting a pit bull in a dress. It just don't look right.

To me, the only ones I can see pulling Audrey off are ones like Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman perhaps.

Not a lil she-boy like this girl.

lisa said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with copying Audrey. I mean everyone knows that its not Audrey,and by using her style, no one will forget her.

lisa said...

I don't see it as a bad thing that they've made a copy of Audrey. I mean no one will forget how Audrey Hepburn looks like and it maybe only makes people remember her more.