Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lindsay -- is this supposed to be...funny?

My dear. Get some sleep and quit the coke! You look 45! [and she's only 22...allegedly]


Julia said...

Yeah, she tried hard.. but I agree, that's not even a bit funny. It's sad because it's true. It's sad because she tries to act and she is fails. It's sad because she looks beat down, like you said, like 45 or so. It's sad because it's just and only for attention. She so competes for attention. It's sad, needless, boring and awkward.

Sylvie said...

She is pathetic. I guess it's supposed to be funny but she's making fun of her addictions & the car crash, how low can she go? I swear some of these "celebs" will do anything for attention! Ugh!