Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's happened to AMAZON?

AMAZON is facing a massive backlash from customers after it was reported that books with gay and lesbian themes were being buried from view.

After the news hit Twitter, more than 100,000 messages with the tag "amazonfail" were posted in 48 hours. Amazon has since moved into damage control, blaming a computer glitch for the change.

Three of the top 5 books listed for the search result for "homosexuality" on Amazon over the weekend were 'homosexuality prevention' books. One called A Parent's Guide To Preventing Homosexuality.

Another one being Can Homosexuality Be Healed? promised that "homosexuals who want to change" could do so through Christian prayer and a transformation from Jesus.

Good one Amazon. Let's promote some eugenics next time? Insanity.
Way to go TWITTER, btw.


Anonymous said...

God has spoken.. we shall all say "Amen!"

jkelsofarrell said...

amazon was hacked by some dweeb. he had people report the books so that they were flagged and removed. amazon is innocent.