Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nicole and Keith on the rocks?

Does this remind anyone of anything? Let's hope I'm wrong.

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This was the last premiere that Nicole and Tom attended [below], the one for Eyes Wide Shut. I think they had already split up by this point. Hmm.

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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or in the picture of her and Tom does she look like a mannequin??
Clearly a very beautiful one at that, shame she looks so scary skinny these days.

Elisita said...

Hmm. Yes. I'd actually forgotten how incredibly beautiful she was. She was actually skinnier before...but it suited her better for some reason.

Anonymous said...

There's a huge difference in these two pictures and that is that Nicole looks incrediably HAPPY in the picture with Keith and very sad in the picture with Tom. In the picture with Keith she looks like they just got the news of another baby or something. Wouldn't that be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Tom got jealous being married to the pretty, talented Nicole so he married another, pretty but plainer jane and will destroy her too.

beth said...

How in the hey is girlfriend so WHITE in the second photo?

That's got to be the lighting or something....or did she just get a tan?

Sylvie said...

She totally looks like a mannequin in the 2nd pic. I still like her better w/ red hair though! We have two many blondes & brunettes in Hollywood, it's nice to see a difference once in awhile!

studibaker said...

It's a "put the lotion in the basket" shot for me. eeeeeerrrk. Very creepy. So much whiteness and she looks like she has a hunch back.


studibaker said...

It's a "put the lotion in the basket" shot for me. eeeeeewwww - very very creepy. So much whiteness and a hunch back to boot!