Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Errm. Please don't do that anymore

Poor Lisa Rinna has totally ruined her natural lip shape...why?!?! ugh

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DrDiSaia said...

Yep. She's seems to like hitting that filler...and hard.

How is law school E? I hope you are well.

Elisita said...

hi doc! hoping you'd comment on this one :) right up your alley. ugh. Law school is kiiling me. Working in the day and studying in the night and morning *sigh* tough times :)
How's the GFC treating you? Hopefully all is well with you!
much love,

Claudia said...

Awful. Why did she do that to herself???
I love your blog by the way!!

Claudia from France :)

Anonymous said...

Harry likes the nasty results!