Monday, July 10, 2006

Brandy...are you there?

Honestly...what the hell happened to this girl? She's been looking Suri-esque for a really long time. I vaguely remebered vintage-Brandy as being cute...and indeed, looking at older pics, she kinda was. I guess being named after a pretty ordinary alcoholic beverage finally took its emotional toll on the "girl".
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Anonymous said...

Though this requires me to admit that I've been watching "America's Got Talent," I have to say that Brandy is certainly a gamillion times better as a judge than Paul Abdul. She looks pretty good, too.

Janae said...

I was just gonna say about Brandy on "AGT"...that she annoys the hell out of me! (sorry to disagree w/ya anon).

The whole time with the sexy pouty precious looks and poses, when in reality she is one of the butt ugliest humans to come out of a birth canal.

Then last week on The View she acts like a total bitch to Joy Behar.

So loaded with attitude and ego like she's trying to convince everyone she's still "got it". Blech.

Anonymous said...

hell, Janae and Elisa, too too funny!

Anonymous said...

i like glad shes doing something new for herself...