Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sunday Book Review: North of Sunset by Henry Baum

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usScene One. Hollywood. The place where the ‘movie star feels better than the sit-com star who feels better than the porn star who feels better than the street whore who feels better than the crack whore who feels better when she’s high’.

Michael Sennet is an actor. In Hollywood, he’s a god. Michael thrives in a world where love, books, and art are an Atlantis only occasionally alluded to in the form of props and scripts

Michael's bored of juggling a Jolie-esque wife, plenty of girls on the side, and his neurotic friend Marty-fucking-Goldfarb. Meanwhile, Kurt aka the Vanity Plate Killer is out improving the world murdering people who are unlucky enough to have their vanity plates catch his eye.

Kurt's physchopathic. Michael's psychopathically bored...that is, until he realises that pretending to be a killer and murdering people isn't so boring.

It's a super-fast read. It's's very L.A. It's been written by one of our fellow commenters; Henry Baum.

(for all you, I have not/will not receive any benefit from the sales of this book...promise)

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