Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nicole needs to calm down

I know having 10 calories every 3 days leaves you feeling a little down...but's a tip...the cat isn't food and you shouldn't really be tring to kill it before you buy it. Sometimes the shopkeepers get a little upset about stuff like that.

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On another note...Paris Hilton II has released a single? Or at least a single cover...which hasn't been photoshopped at ALL. Everyone's eyes are bright white like that...seriously.

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Janae said...

Can someone, anyone tell me exactly


this stick figure is famous for?!!!

Why is she in mags? Why is she pushed in our faces? Why the hell does anyone think anyone cares??

Why can't she go away, quickly, far away??

Kid Vidd said...

Never mind about that Nicole Richie date. At least until she's back on solid foods again.