Monday, July 17, 2006

Computer = Nuts

Hey guys,
sorry, my computer isn't letting me upload anything...very annoying.
I'll try to sort this out as soon as I can...if anyone knows of a virus going around that attacks mypictures (i.e. doesn't let you see all of them) and slows your computer to buggery, let me know.


peria2324 said...

hurry up and get it sorted- im soooo bored at work! love ur blog...thanks for the entertainment/procrastination :)

Franci said...

I feel your pain. Sometimes, if I had my way, I'd smash my PC and shortly afterwards, all the PCs of the world. People then would see how life is possible and wonderful without computers.

NiolK said...

I had loads o' probs with my laptop recently I downloaded:
AVG Antivirus

Advanced Windows Care
Spybot S&D

ran them all and the problem disappeared. Probably no use to you but you never know. Anyway get your effing arse in gear and sort it!

DrDiSaia said...

Computer still down? I miss your sarcasm.

Elisa said...

thanks niolk...I've been working of this damn thing for days!
I think I've finall got it 80% there.
I'm dl-ing the advanced windows care.