Saturday, July 22, 2006

How beautiful...a Britney and Kev Duet...

the duets are coming guys...they're coming....Kevin says to USA Today:
"It's (one particular duet) not really a love song. It gives my point of view on how my family is and how tight my family is...People shouldn't believe what they're told about us. They should listen to what comes out of my mouth and what comes out of my wife's mouth." thanks mate.

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Kid Vidd said...

I want to know how Shar Jackson is doing.
I always liked her....but I'm still mad at her for letting the Fed Man knock her up.

She could have had all of this good loving that I got to give!

**Ok...I've calmed down now!**

Elisa said...

haha kidd vidd...shar?
dude...ur desperate :)

jadys said...

*laughing* I always knew this bitch was an embarrassement to herself, way back in 1999.