Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brangelina or wax figurines?

sickening eh? :)


whatwouldjanicedickinsondo said...

I reckon the wax version would provide better conversation.

Franci said...

Why, it's good waxwork. But which is which?

Anonymous said...

is it just me.. or did Brad get bigger lips... it's so weird he looks just like her.. he's making a pouty face and everything.. weird

Janae said...

Definitely wax on the left.

Maybe they should burn the figures like a big ole candle and keep some poor, homeless people here in America warm!

Nah....too local. Not glam enough.

Somehow I think that Appalachia's unwashed, impoverished sufferers don't quite tickle Ange's fancy.

[Get away from me Dirty American...grrr. Oops, I channeled her for a brief moment.]