Monday, January 29, 2007

SAG rundown

I know this is a tad late. Firefox has been making me want to scream. I know Cate didn't win, and that's enough information for me. We had the girls who seem to have found their fountain of youth.

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...the beautiful

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and the umm...special? Am I the only person that thinks this?
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Janae said...

Lately I am continually floored how beautiful Helen Mirren is.

Just beautiful!

More than idiots 1/3 her age.

I hope I look that good at 61.

jadys said...

Helen Mirren is helped immensely by the fact that she radiates class and genuine style.

I'm not sure about Katherine's hair. Perhaps a bit overstyled, but I just love the colour.

Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

Helen Mirren has always been beautiful and she got class. Same goes for Cate Blanchett.

The last one though? That colours sounds like something from a bad romance novel heroine hair thing...