Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nothing can really save Brooke Hogan

I don't say this about too many people, but this girl makes my stomach turn. Would have to be one of the fugliest people I've ever seen. That being said, her last few outings haven't made me projectile vomit. Girl has gone under the knife imo...not that it makes a helluva difference.

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Franci said...

It must be and IT IS boring to look like a well kept 40 yo between ages 17 and 50. Why does she insists on going for it is unknown for me....

Janae said...

She IS fugly!!

It's like hello girlfriend, you can slice and dice your whole corpse, but you can't change who yore daddy wuz!! That gave you them there ugly genes.

Just ask old Tori there....y'all can commiserate with each other.

Janae said...

oh my goodness she looks like Ashlee Simpson in a couple pix.

Sylvie said...

how is it possible that she looks more like a man? i mean she already looked like one before surgery. you'd think the doctor would make her look a bit more girlish. just a bit.