Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What the hell is wrong with Marilyn Manson?

O.k. O.k...rather silly question..but honestly. It seems that before his breakup with Dita, the ol' Manson was partying i.e. having sex with LiLo...apart from the bad makeup and the terrible singing voice and the god awful songs -- I could describing either of them really -- why would he take this....
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Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

Looks like Evan Rachel Wood had something to do with it too.

My mind is boggling why he would have *that* and *that* when he got Dita!

jadys said...

*sigh* Dita is the ultimate siren.

And Lindsay needs to back off on the collagen injections.

Janae said...

I just read about him and DVT in the latest people.

What astounds me is what any of these women see in this guy!!!

Is he that rich??

Cuz my God it can't be the way he looks, it just can't.