Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sharon Stone has award nominated breasts.

Who cares if it's for the Razzies? Sharon Stones' lopsided breasts have been nominated for Worst Screen couple. I don't know. They just look like regular fake breasts to me. The woman's old, I think she looks a'ight. Check out the couple here.

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Other Razzie nominees include Ron Howard for the Da Vince code, Lindsay Lohan, and Kate Bosworth for Superman Returns. Full list here.


Memphis Steve said...

They looked OK to me. Maybe I need to inspect them more closely?

Franci said...

They are so fake they hurt.

DrDiSaia said...

There are many worse breast jobs out there in Hollyweird. These may be quite good depending upon how she appeared before surgery.

mommie dearest said...

oh puh-leeze, they must be fake. no woman her age could possibly have breasts that perky naturally, even if they are lopsided.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan - or was!! Until you said "...the woman's old." LOOK, I know most of you on this site are under 30...but there is life after 40. And it won't be long before you are there. So think of it as someting to look forward to. You will be much more at peace with youself; having sex will be incredible; and you will be a more well-rounded person.
This country is as age-ist as it is sexist and fat-ist. Elisa, please be nice to older women because before long, you will be joining us...we hope. Saint Remy

Elisa said...

hey st remy,
I hear ya! I guess I didn't articulate myself properly. I was saying that because she's old(er) we shouldn't be ragging on her breasts...because imo she's looking good.