Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anyone feel like throwing up sugar?

Let's talk hems and babies and uh...being 'locked in' -- check out 1:39...freudian slip is ever I heard one...girlfriend is going to get smacks for that...I betcha.


Anonymous said...

She's bought and paid for...when I see her now, I think only that she looks really classy for a high-paid hooker.

Nicole said...

Wow she gives the most boring, dry interview now. Weird.

JKF said...

Anon--good point.

Scientology is some major mind fuckery, though. Highly intelligent people get turned inside out by that shit.

WNelWeb said...

You know what? You're right. You never hear from the dumb-asses of Scientology. And you know there must be some. Every group has at least one. Maybe they keep those ones quiet and offa sofas and such...

nate xxx said...

anon 12.30 I couldn't agree more. she seems washed out and dried up- kinda like Angelina actually, they have that same melancholy sadness. Except Katie looks like she's had a bath!!

She was always a fun and sweet girl and now it's as if all of the life has been taken out of her. She IS bought and paid for and watches every word she says- you can tell.

she's a young woman and lacks any of the vivacious fun that should entail. sure, she's a Mom but so is Gwen Stefani and she's no bore!!

She's just not herself anymore and it amazes me that she ends up getting a role in a movie as a ditzy yet fun young woman when her life couldn't be further from the truth. She's either a good actress or she managed to live vicariously through her character.

Whatever she just makes me sad now.

~Nate. xxx