Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow almost died....but she didn't

There was a bit of kerfuffle(?) earlier today over Gwyneth Paltrow being deposited by her husband slumped in a wheelchair to a NY hospital --> I bet the woman just stubbed her toe or something. In any case, Chris Martin shouldn't hav bothered. Woman is now reported as 'fine'...
and going to want to talk and whinge about this episode for years to come.

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WNelWeb said...

Know what? If I am ever in such a state as to not be able to sit up straight in a wheelchair whilst being conveyed into hospital, I hope I have someone there to help me. And then leave me the hell alone when I get out. But I'm no celebrity; just an everyday man.

I'm surprised no one is keeping track of celebrity farts. Really.

Anonymous said...

ugh! Fishsticks probably was just trying to get attention... AGAIN!! can't stand this woman, and i hope she becomes "too good" for us all and disappears completely!

nate xxx said...


I ALMOST felt like the universe was right again and there was some justice to be had. I HATE this woman. The fact that she couldn't sit up straight in a chair probably had more to do with the fact that her head is so enormous from all the self importance she carries around with her than an actual maladie. She prolly skipped a meal and toppled over her own cranium. Silly cow...

~Nate. xxx