Monday, January 21, 2008

You've got to be joking

I'm the last person to hate on SJP. I think she's got a je ne sais quoi...but she does not look like that...death by photoshop if ever I saw...and what's with the creepy brows. Someone got overexcited with the smudge-pot.

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Allure ain't foolin' anyone.

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Emma said...

wow woah and good point that is photoshop over kill

Anonymous said...

yeah, looks like they managed to balance her long face out AND polish her nub up to a gleaming shine.

~Nate. xxx

Sylvie said...

Well Maxim magazine has voted her the most unsexiest woman. So, Allure isn't fooling everyone! She's pretty but I wouldn't put her at either end of the spectrum though.