Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Heather Mills is insane

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWord is Heather Mills burst into tears after this performance because of the supposed flirting going on between Cartney and Minogue during a duet.

Ughh..if I didn't dislike Mills as much as I do, I would have thought she was crying at Kylie's dance moves.

"She's really mad about the way Paul got close to Kylie...
she reckons he did it on purpose and feels it was a deliberate public dig at her. She thinks he's just trying to prove a point, that he has moved on and is comfortable around other women. She was so hurt, she burst into tears."

Publicity whore in need of therapy. This is the 'scandalous' video in question.


WNelWeb said...

The video looks perfectly innocent to me. Also looks like it was fun for all concerned. Sorry for heather, but there's nothing amiss here...

nate said...

Hott... actually I was back home for new years and saw this show, It was good, I remember thinking "awww... good for Sir Paul, he's doing his thing again" I did NOT have to turn the channel over because I was scared my granny might faint at the profanity on screen.

Heather Mills is pathetic, I'd like to see Kylie with Paul. She's got all of his favorite attributes. She's sane and small and blonde- kinda like Heather. Well... as meatloaf once said, "two out of three ain't bad..."

~Nate. xxx