Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seriously...someone explain this to me...

*update* there have been talks of a suicide attempt...make what you will of it.

Latest news in this drama is from TMZ

- Brit is seeing multiple doctors, including a new psychiatrist who visits daily and has prescribed her meds (which she’s taking) for her bipolarity

- Certain sources say Britney takes her medicine when she is like “a different person — normal and sweet.” After popping the proper pills for a while, Brit stops her meds because she feels she can live without with

- A “professional” adds: “She’s really trying. Whether it works — we’ll have to see. She has a disease. Sometimes when you see her she’s in the middle of an episode. It’s like mocking someone with Down Syndrome.”

*update* there have been talks of a suicide attempt...make what you will of it.


nate. xxx said...

The question I want answered is since when has she been English?? I have to say, she does a better version of the accent than most Americans (TRUST me, being an implant I get it ALL the time and it's rarely any good). Is she supposed to have multiple personalities now??

Bipolar disorder... ya know my husband has bipolar disorder. Its is absolutely treatable. Whether she's ill or not- and I am pretty sure something is going on- I can't help but think it's at least exacerbated by the attention she gets. It has to be a terrible thing to literally not be able to move because people are following you and mocking you- those TMZ videos are horrible.

There have been reports of her firing people and cutting off family members that try to help too. She's obviously got problems and I'm not sure how she's going to fix them.

It's just sad and she needs some time and space to get over it all- maybe being sectioned would be the best thing for her. They left Owen Wilson alone to get over his hospital stay...

~Nate. xxx

WNelWeb said...

Something is wrong with this girl and it isn't just her new (Fake-sounding) accent.

Anonymous said...

Elisa this is Brit brits new accent. she does it from time to time, her demeanor affect choice of vocabulary is different when she talks like this, as is when she is getting round in that cheap ass pink wig 'notable people' are saying she is bipolar with multiple personality disorder and 'British girl' is one of her personalities. not sure bout that one but I recognize Bipolar (manic) have a close family member with the illness and Brit has it. biggest giveaway is the mental spending, all she does is shop but she looks like caca. she bought a new Mercedes this week (sexy car) she shouldn't be on the road.
she needs a serious sit down shut and listen kinda thing, she needs to not be a celebrity and be a damn patient. her life dosnt have to be so crippled by this.

Anonymous said...

What's with the fake British accent???

Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

All I can say is that here she would be either put in a hospital as 'suspicions of suicide' and put a guard aka someone educated to keep an eye on her. That or sectioned on 'red papers' because she's a threat to herself and others. That would mean psychiatric ward and with possible guard while being 'strapped' to the bed.

Brit is seriously ill no matter what. Howver the question is if she can with her family and friends falling out and the whole business with the kids.

Anonymous said...

She has asserted she'd rather die than quit her dynamic, dangerous hyper-sexiness pop queen vulgarity reign to behave normally would be my guess. But really now she has no choice with the kids to grow up and behave herself or she'll be thrown in jail or put a nuthouse to clean up her act again. HAHA