Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tom Cruise Leaked video

You all have to see this.
Scientologists have already pulled it off YouTube -- but Gawker still has a copy.
5:00 mark is a classic.

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Kitty said...

I know!! What the freaking hell is wrong with this guy? He's INSANE. And I love how 'they're' trying to convince us suddenly that Katie Holmes is an A-lister, just because she's married to this nutbag. Ugh. The media sucks.

Anonymous said...

Holy... WHAT?!?

WNelWeb said...

Wow. That's kinda scary. It is good to believe in what you believe in, though. I do admire his dedication. But that was kinda scary.

Anonymous said...

All I see is Tom speaks about being responsible towards other people - what's wroong with that, Elisa?

All I see is that he keeps repeating himself and polishes scientology to a point of disgust. I believe this is his stíle, which is bad, bad, bad, but the meaning...?

F r a n c i

Anonymous said...

C R A Z Y !!!!!! if ever i see this little man in person, i'll not just walk, but RUN away in the other direction!

Anonymous said...

It reads like an amusing ad for the next installment of Magnolia!!

This is weird, his responses make no sense and you never get to know what the questions were so it's like you have stepped in half way through a conversation through the whole piece. He gives nothing away, it's all mindless gabbling and spin talk about nothing.

I can't work out what's so salacious about this other than the fact that I believe it's a tool that the scientologists intended to be out there. it's a bit weird that the Norton book comes out and then magically a week or so later a nothingy rambling 'banned' video is 'leaked' that simply causes people to ask more questions than offers explainations.

Has it occured to anyone that this half information is going to lead people to ask what it IS that's so cool about it and what Cruise knows that we don't??

Call me a tin hatted conspiracy theorist but it seems a little odd to me.

~nate. xxx