Monday, August 14, 2006

Dunst does Vogue

Who's hotter? Dunst or that wallpaper? At least the hair looks more natural than Posh's.

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The Chinese Chicken said...

Looks like Mrs Frankenstein.

Joan said...

I love Vogue but am so sick of seeing these stupid actresses like Dumst and Keira Knightley on the cover of everything. I won't be buying this one.

Jack Bennett said...

Elisa, have you seen portraits of the REAL Marie Antionette? She was really beautiful. Kiki Dunst - she's just OK...and when you're playing a character known for her looks that matters.

Sylvie said...

seriously...i thought she was playing the role of marie antoinette not the bride of frankenstein. horrible! and those roots...ick! the dress is really pretty though.

Elisa said...

yes, I agree with you Jack. I don't know why Sofia loves kiki so much...I don't think she's a partcularly good actress, I don't think she's particularly beautiful, and I don't think she's got any other x factor. I'm so glad she didn't place her in Lost in Translation.

jadys said...

Fantastic rack. Definitely photoshopped.