Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Posh Spice needs to stick with being a 'fashion icon'

Wow...I'd never really experienced the mess that is Victoria Beckham singing live. I mean...Britney, Jessica, Ashlee, Lindsay etc lip synch at every 'live' performance for a reason. What's with all that talking in the first song as well? Posh needs to find a new song writer...or just stick to being skinny and showing off her plastic hair.


d mumsie said...

she was practicing.. I think she'd make a good nightclub singer.. small audience.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't THAT bad. Better than some of the other artist's you mentioned; atleast she can hold a pitch...didn't sound flat to me at all. The only thing that was really annoying was the popping of her p's...she should learn to hold a microphone correctly.