Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kelly Preston is a stark raving mad scary lunatic

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Excerpts from her March interview on the Celebrity Centre Website...somehow I don't think the 'wonderful' Purification Rundown system quuite got all those drugs out of her system...

"I had heard some of the results (of the Purification Rundown procedure) of it and thought it made so much sense. I heard about how it could improve your happiness, your memory, your career. There was also mention of the fact that it gets radiation out of the body...it all made sense.

While I was doing it, what was really cool was the running out of certain drugs. It was like, “Oh my, what’s that?”...they were coming out of my system and that was really wild.

Also, seeing sunburns I had had fifteen years ago turn on and come out! I remember clearly the time when I was seven years old, I had this bathing suit that I thought was so cool — with holes in the sides and a hole in the center — and I got a sunburn in it. And then, fourteen years later, while doing the Purification Rundown, I had the exact same sunburn turn on and “come out.”

The Purification Rundown heightened my senses greatly. Colors became brighter, my hearing more acute, everything tasted better and I felt more focused. Things became more effortless. Wow!

I was recently in New York, and everyone in New York should do the Purification Rundown because of what happened there on 9/11. "


Janae said...

I have not been able to stand this bitch from the minute I even heard about her. Even before I knew she was a Scientologist.

So damn smug!!!! Argh and ugghh.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Pure as the driven slush.

DrDiSaia said...

Sounds pretty scary. Does she believe that?

Elisa said...

oh yes doc...and if you know what's good for you...you should too! :)
It's actually not funny though, she's got a kid that has kawasaki syndrome and refuses to give the poor thing proper medical treatment.

d mumsie said...

She's easily hynotized..lead to stupidity.

Rebecca said...

i'm a little tired, but I think I should have been able to comprehend at least part of what she's talking about, but no luck. what is she talking about with her sunburn turning on and coming out? it sounds ridiculous