Monday, August 14, 2006

Suri is deformed

Basically, whenever a Scientologist says something, you can pretty much be assured that the opposite is true. Apparently Tom and Katie took "Suri" to a party held by Will and fellow-Scientologist Jada Pinkett Smith. One of the guests said:

"Suri is a beautiful baby with no deformities that I could see.

Kid is ugly. Everyone can see that Suri is deformed. QED

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M-M-M-Mishy said...

This kid must be some unreal sort of ugly. Probably going to be the Kimberly Stewart of its generation.

Franci said...

I don't understand why this commenter referred to deformities at all. It only emphasized something s/he wanted to avoid so badly. Like a Freudian slip, you know.
Still I hope the baby's allright, though.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

So which is it, is she beautiful or does she look like Tommy?

j said...

Yeah, how often is the second statement about "deformities" ever made when talking about a baby? Usually people will say, "oh she's just a gorgeous baby. So cute!"

Tom Cruise would get better publicity if he openly embraced his child and started a foundation for whatever is wrong with her.

Sylvie said...

she's probably like a siamese twin or maybe she's missing a limb or two. or maybe there is no suri. either way, we all know tom is not public shy and if there was a baby or a non-deformed baby, her face would be shoved in our faces about thousand times by now.