Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Someone contact Linday's pimp...soon.

At the moment Lindsay is not even streetwalker material. Pimp needs to sort the girl tip is to start with the nails.


Franci said...

When my 6-yo daughter's nails look this dirty my husband and I don't let her go to pre-school. But that's just us and our normal kid. Who's not gonna become a fashion idol or whatever. Just an everyday woman, that'll she become. Nothing like Lindsay.

PS:And the color makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, dirty dirty girl! And not in the good way either. :)
What's up w/ those dirty nails? Did she roll around in the mud before her next scene or was she making mud pies for dessert. I don't get it!!

d mumsie said...

she's a typical crazy tomboyish redhead

Kid Vidd said...

Lohan used up her 15 minutes already. I'm mad at the way she dumped Fez. No class.