Saturday, August 05, 2006

Weekend Links Baby

Treadmill dancing, it's good :)


Anonymous said...

Gosh, that's a great video of Britany Spears. lol!

Funny treadmill dancing, too.

Good weekend stuff.

Lizzie said...

Hey Elisa LOVE the treadmill dancing!!!! so cool... who are these guys? where did they get the idea? and where did all those treadmills come from? they didn't exactly look like gym rats. But hey, I never go to the gym so what would I know.

love ya sis!

starbuck said...

After watching that, I feel sorry for Kevin. Britney is even stupider than I suspected and gross, too.

Franci said...

The music is crap, acting is low, but kudos for doing the whole thing in ONE single SHOT!

Rebecca said...

so even christy turlington can sometimes look awful like us regular folks when wrapped in a garbage bag. some of those pictures are yikes!

The ABC Blog Girl said...

I love that video (treadmill) but can't love the band.

I'm scouring the blogosphere to find writers I like and other bloggers to participate in an short story challenge. It's at

Love, ABC BG

P.S. This is not spam, I've read your blog several times and really like your work. If you don't want to do it, great, if you do, great.

Elisa said...

heya lizzie!!!
They're a band...o.k. go? correct me if I'm wrong.
Yes. I feel sorry for Kevin too...almost :)

Paula said...

that video made me want to get on a tredmill. ok, maybe not. but i loved it!

GrinforGrin said...

damn good video :)