Thursday, September 13, 2007

The American Pie Curse

...we all know what happened to Tara Reid...but what the hell has happened to Natasha Lyonne? I know she almost died from a heroin overdose last year...and then threatened to sexually molest a dog...and to be honest, the girl still doesn't seem to have sorted all that out....


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Anonymous said...

Good GOD she actually looks pregnant in the second set of photos which if true is even worse because she's smoking in one of the pics.


~Nate. xxx

yuling said...

I love you blog Elisa. Makes the cold days here in Stockholm a bit warmer and funnier. Keep up with the postings. xx

Anonymous said...

hi Elisa !
i LOVE your blog soo much
im 15 and i live in mexico city and i check your blog every day to see if there are any new postings
keep it up :]

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to connect her with Britney.. I bet they hit it off fine.