Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pamela Anderson knows ROMANCE baby

Poor Pammy,

She's scraping the bottom of the barrel. Pammy said told Ellen that she had sex with a fellow poker player for $250,000 --> then fell in love with him.

"It worked out, I liked it. ... I paid off a poker debt with sexual favours and fell in love. It's so romantic," she told talk show host Ellen. The guy in question is rumoured to be Rick Salomon...yup...the same guy that features on Paris Hilton's porn tape.

It's JUST like Casa Blanca isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

That's not a lot of money really, is it?? I mean bearing in mind it's Pammy. You would think she'd charge more- maybe she's thinking she'll make a mint on the (inevitable) video rights.

She probably got close to that for posing nude in Playboy and that didn't involve any sex between her and some random guy.

This makes me sad for some reason.

~Nate. xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh her sons must be very proud of this ditzy slut mom.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nate, her stock is way down - have you seen her recent (hatchet) face?