Sunday, September 16, 2007

Remind me not to faint or pass out in Venezuela

A Venezuelan man who had been declared dead woke up in the morgue in excruciating pain after medical examiners began their autopsy.

Carlos Camejo, 33, was declared dead after a highway accident and taken to the morgue. The examiners began an autopsy only to realise something was amiss when he started bleeding. "I woke up because the pain was unbearable." Camejo said.

I don't really have a picture of this...but I've got something just as relevant.

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Anonymous said...

this is an old photo, but who cares. This entry was hilarious, Elisa, So right on the spot.

f r a n c i

Anonymous said...

wasn't there a Twilight Zone abou that???

... no, not the guy that was paralysed and underwent an autopsy, silly... the one with the chick with the pig face that was considered beautiful by her peers. She thought 'regular' humans were realy ugly...

Gotta love Gwineth!!!

Lova ya, E.
~Nate. xxx

Anonymous said...

She's going thru tough times too. Living in crazy Nanny-taxing England awash with dopers and boozers, killers, rapists, paedophiles, terrorists and abusers. Two timing hubby and crazy diet, toddlers at her feet and Madonna for a best friend. Makes you wanna off yourself frequently I bet.

Kate said...

EWWWW...reminds me why I dislike Gwhineth. Grossness.