Tuesday, September 04, 2007

TBLE readers called this LAST YEAR!!!

I knew it, you knew it...we all knew it, and now it's been confirmed.
Michelle and Heath have split up. I'm actually surprised they lasted this long. Let's hope Michelle finally came out of her hpynotised state and saw him for what he really was --> an arrogant sod.

For proof that you are very switched on readers (not that any proof is needed), have a look at your comments from last year.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that body language did not lie...

F r a n c i

Anonymous said...

That's so sad.

I used to like Heath Ledger but it has become more and more apparent that he has a definite arrogance about him. (Plus the whole donkey punching tent scene thing in Brokeback kinda put me off for a long time, I'm not AT ALL anti gay but that was uncomfortable to watch- romantic gay movie it was not)

You guys were right too, she was always looking up at him adoringly and he was always looking over her head. It's sad really but she honestly can do much better.

She may be plain but she's a great actress actually so hopefully she will be able to do a Nicole Kidman and give him the middle finger by scoring some tasty acting gigs.

Let's hope she gets a decent lawyer.

~Nate. xxx