Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LeeLee works a garbage bag

and while she may be too stoned to notice...I'm still sober. Somehow she kind of pulls it off...but in order for me to say so definitively...she'll have to share her stash.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know I actually like the spandex leggings. I have no idea why and I'm rather ashamed to admit it!!! DIGGING the shows tho, they're lovely.

What has she been in? I know her face from somewhere but I can't place it.

~Nate. xxx

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is this chick?

DrDiSaia said...

Not so hot.

Elisa said...

lee sobieski --> she was on Joan of Ark...Deep Impact (as a little girl) and Heaven and EArth....other than that...not much.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think it may have been deep impact- you can see what type of impact she had on me!!!

By the way, I meant to say I was digging the shoes, not shows. Sorry, my blog answering tends to be at work so there's a lot of clicking on and off screens to make it look like I'm typing things make it look like I am good value for money for my firm. Yeah right!!!

Take care,
~Nate. xxx

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Wasn't she in a Star Wars movie?

Anonymous said...

a bag is just a bag.
I'm not buying it. She is pretty and good-looking, but a bag is but a bag on her body.
f r a n c i

Anonymous said...

She was also in that semi-chasing-kids movie, and I think Glass House, too?

Anonymous said...

She was in Never Been Kissed too.