Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Photoshop Resurrection

Photoshop...it can sometimes make death look a little more like life.

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Anonymous said...

in the b/w photo, she looked really stunning and interesting...on the other three? her usual self. boring and all.

f r a n c i

Anonymous said...

It's funny because we JUST got through doing this in class. Taking scraggy old photos and making the models look amazing, it's really remarkable how much you can tart (pardon the pun)someone up that really has nothing spectacular going for them. Jen is a prime candidate. She's another one of these girls that looks like she has piled on the bronzer over several days for that dried zitty dirty look.

I guess she's a porn actress and their standards are lower than those expected of a woman in mainstream Hollywood but it's a shame that she's getting so much airtime in magazines and such.

Good role model she ain't- saying that if you want to show your kids a picture of a person messed up by the sex industry then she's a prime poster child!!!

~Nate. xxx

WNelWeb said...

Boring? You really think so? I would say frightening... like nightmare porn gone wrong... and I agree with you about the B&W photo.

DrDiSaia said...

She has looked so much better. It is a shame.

Sylvie said...

WOW!!! I cannot believe it's the same person! I'm stunned. She looks so different. You'd think these photoshopped pictures would make her want to change her real-life look. It's just not working for her.

Anonymous said...

by 'boring' I wanted to refer to something we see much often these times: A-Z list celebrities being vasted, be it either some growth hormone, bad and/or unnecessary surgery, substances, whatever.
I have seen so many of those vain faces and lifes lately that's the reason I said 'boring'.

Otherwise, the phenomena of our age (?!) is really frightening.

f r a n c i