Friday, September 07, 2007

APEC Continues

Just dabbling a little into the real-world for a bit because the constant hum of the helicopters is driving me nuts. Basically, there are 21 world leaders here in Sydney for the APEC summit and things are a little crazy. The city is under its biggest security lockdown in all of its history. Half the city has been blocked off with concrete and fencing, and we're spending something to the tune of $30million dollars a day in security. There a snipers on key buildings' roofs and Friday was declared a public holiday.

Anyway...despite all of this...our famour comedians, the Chasers...managed to get 10m away from Bush's hotel with the dodgiest getup and the crappiest security passes. So much for security.

And for all this...Bush in his speech today...called us Austrians, called the summit OPEC, and got lost getting off the stage.

The fake security passes that worked.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ahahahahahahaha!!! That's amazing!!! LOL!!!

Plus, just when you thought old G Dubya had said the dumbest thing of his whole career, he goes and moves the goal posts again!!! Wow!!! I can understand why rock stars get the cities mixed up when they come on stage too (hello Wembley- umm, it's actually Staines) being on the road all the time but to bugger the COUNTRY up??? I guess they thought it was a no brainer!!!

I'll be so glad to see the back of him!!
~Nate. xxx