Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Australia's not coping with Californication

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Californication is making people uncomfortable...well...some anyway. I'm attributing it to the fact that George Bush is in the country for APEC...it's bound to make people a little nuts.

Australian Caththolic priest Fongemie is all in a tizzy about the show. He's been holding candlelight vigils outside the TV broadcaster's offices each night Californication has been on. The saddest part is...people are actually turning up. I don't exactly know what they're praying for...but I'm sure it's all very soul-saving.

Let's hope Father Fongemie has TiVo because due to the timing of his mass...he's missing all the juicy parts.

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Anonymous said...

I have to be honest. I have avoided this like the plague. HBO seems to be knocking out more and more crap with a sexy twist in the vain hopes of racking up some ratings. However, the scant pieces of this series that I have seens are just garbage. There's very little plot designed to pad and excuse the laughably awful soft porn parts.

This series was suppsed to be Desperate Housewives with a kinky twist but I'd rather have a conversation about Mr. Clean wipes and dirty diapers with some real housewives than watch any more of this poop.



Elisa said...

hmm, I've never seen an episode either, but I have to say, I have soft spot for David Duchnovny...:)

Anonymous said...

Well now I am with you there, Elisa.

He's another man of Hollywood that has aged really well. I think in a lot of ways he looks better now than he did in The X Files. He has the Cloony X Factor I think- yummy!!!

Update too, the show IS horrible. I hate to make a statement like that without having something to back it up and I can report from the field that the show is indeed more rotten than Jenna Jameson's bronzer compact!!

Have a good one, sweets!