Monday, September 10, 2007

Wow...I've seen bad

....but this was bad.
I thought there was some unwritten rule about how lip synching meant at least some good dancing.
The only thing 'coming back' during this opening VMA performance was my dinner.


DrDiSaia said...

I heard she didn't do that well. Too bad for her.

Anonymous said...

Darn it, the video isn't showing, Sorry love, what's the event tho, maybe we can all search for it on You Tube???

As always thanks for your posts, one broken link asode this is still a cracking blog!!

~Nate. xxx

Elisa said...

hey Nate,
I've fixed the video. The other one was pulled. This one may not last for too long either.
Watch's soooo bad :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My GOD!!! That's the saddest yet funniest thing I have seen in a long long time.

She was like a bad parody of herself. Was she drugged up or something?? Her face looked really puffy and she just kinda drifted about the stage awkwardly. She had absolutely no energy at all!!!

It's weird because it's like she's had a complete personality change or something and you really would think she'd give it her all being that this is her big come back. I guess THIS is the Britney that stormed out of the shoot a couple of months ago too.

EEk, there's not enough bandwidth for me to adequately rant about this. Too funny, thanks SO much for fixing it. Brilliant!!

~Nate. xxx

Anonymous said...

It's like your mate doing a pissed up version of The Macarena in her skivvies...

starbuck said...

The dancing may have been bad but at least the lyrics were moving and poignant.

WNelWeb said...

Wow. That's pretty bad alright. Maybe she should just retire while she still has a shred of dignity left... Oh wait. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

It was perfect when comedian Sarah Silverman sternly called Britney out for verbally abusing her sons with " were mistakes and ruined my marriage!" NOT joking folks.. Everyone was uneasy and knows stuff you and I don't.. Really it confirms the music industry hate of he.. and you know Britney was huffy and sullen after that taunt.. and said to hell with this show and MTV life.. Nobody loves me anymore.. boo hoo!

the red monster said...

hey i know she totally floped my blog visitors are running low if you could check it out and leave a comment that would be great!

Anonymous said...

I've searched on youtube for "Britney Spears VMAS" but haven't been able to find it.

Sylvie said...

I never liked her or bubblegum pop music, I'm a classic rock girl, but that was like the worst of the worst. She didn't even seem to try. We all know she lip-synchs, but to even stop doing that in the middle of the act, damn, girl needs to retire now!

Anonymous said...

They took it down again :(
but neverthelss, I had the chance to see it on the original site.

Well, you were right about what's *coming up*, Elisa.

I like that she has a womanly body, but the music is sh.t.
Acting is crap, coreography too....

But these things seem minuscule to the lack of enthusiasm on Britney's part. She does her dutie like ahousehold chore, she shows no interest in doing it. That is very sad.

f r a n c i

Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

You know what? I feel so damn sorry for Britney.

However it was nice to see someone with a bit of flesh on the bones!

Anonymous said...

britney was never a good singer. she was probably best known for her performing, which is to say she wasn't a horrible dancer.. however.. right. everyone knows where i'm going with this. lip-synching was not a big surprise, because that's what she's always done. but that dancing.. jesus. it was like a rehearsal and she was half-assing everything. she should've at least hired backup dancers that weren't any good so she would've looked better compared to them.

however, i will say this- all the flak she's gotten for being 'fat'- i think, body-wise, she looks great here. not disgustingly thin like a lot of stars these days, but not overweight. girlfriend has curves, and let's celebrate that, cause that's surely all she's got.

ps- elisa, i check your site nearly every day and am always thoroughly entertained.. keep up the good work. : )

Elisa said...

hmm...I agree. MAybe I'm getting soft in my old age...but I think her body looks fine.
not too much wobbling and no cellulite.

Pierina said...

I feel really sad for ol Brit, she really seems to have a mental illness and never seems to be grasping at who or what she is doing or when and she forgets her pants EVERYDAY!! those tunic tops ARE TOPS!!
All her new songs actually sound really good to me, sexy and edgy, would hear them in any mainstream popular bar. I hope she gets her shit together cos this is too sad.
Wierd cos she is my age and i used to be so jealous of her as a teen idol and sex symbol. 10 years on I may not be filthy rich but I am clean, educated, have no kids or pantsless episodes and my exes are all in the past.