Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LA Fashion Week kicks off

Thick or all looks like a mess to me.

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Anonymous said...

Jenna Jameson again!!!

Man, why is this washed up anorexic slapper getting so much air time??

Models already get a bad enough rap (quite rightly) for being poor role models for girls due to their tiny frames so shoving the world's most famous whore on stage in Prada or whatever seems a touch short sighted to me.

"That's right girls, all you have to do is get REALLY thin, have some weird fish lip collagen implants and shag a bunch of people in the most unthinkable ways on screen and you too can be a famous fashion model"...

You would think the fashion industry would be doing their best to IMPROVE their reputation.

~Nate. xxx

WNelWeb said...

Man, what is with the poofy lips these days? I don't get it.

Ladies please take heed.: BEE STING LIPS ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE IN ANY WAY! Who wants to kiss a danged inner tube? Collagen be dammed!
Sorry. Bugs me.