Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beautiful Love

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Jenny: Dude...why the hell did you make me dress up?...This isn't the runway I was expecting.I've even put on my special shoes...y'know...the ones where I painted the clear heel black, so that they don't look like they came from my hooker days.
Jim: Chill baby. You gotta stay focused. may look like we're wandering aimlessly around the airport tarmac...but this is all part of my master publicity plan to become the new Resse and Ryan. It's gunna happen for us baby.
Jenny: Is that why you've opted for the creepy "I'm a cool 40 year old dad" hair look?
Jim: Damn straight it is!
Jenny: Are you sure we don't just look like old has-beens?
Jim:'re not even a has-been...but that's o.k. because you've got a nice rack.
Jenny: Awww. You're so sweet.
Jim: Look...our plan is already working! Here's a fan coming to greet us on a luggage cart. He looks pretty dan excited too!
Jenny: He's totally coming because he like totally finds me hot.

"Fan": Hi umm...I've been told to remove Kfed's father from the tarmac...and uhh...Ms Tara Reid? ye...please come with me as well.


Janae said...

WOW...they are very nice looking in that top photo!!! See I love Jim. And I don't hate Jenn.

I loved that photo Elisa!!

Good for them. It's cool cuz they're both like comedians/funny peoples...this coupling is totally cool with me dude.

Anonymous said...

I think they are a great couple. I don't think I could stand to be around them for very long, but they are both hilarious in small, controlled doses.

Franci said...

Good piece of writing, Elisa!
I don't really like Jim and have no idea who the lady is, but they look cool here. Out of place, for sure, but they look cool.

GrinforGrin said...

I thought 'hey, that's Jim Carrey', then saw the second photo and went 'nah, Can't be!'

damn, this Is an interesting combo

Jessey said...

I agree that this pairing is potentially fatal in terms of sheer annoyance.
What with all the funny faces and silly noises they'd make. And the fart jokes, the endless endless fart jokes.
But good for J&J. Maybe it'll last forever...

Drops Of Jupiter said...

what happened to Jim? He used to be cute in his own special cooky way!

Anonymous said...

Now how would the paparazzi be able to conveniently be on the runway as these headed to their private plane? Because HE leaked it. It totally sucks that he pulls shitty moves like this. I saw a news special, filming from the paparazzi perspective, of his “private” wedding ceremony to Lauren Holly (Just the 2 of them & a priest) on the beach & the part you didn’t see was that there were loads of photogs there. They had called it in! They knew what beach, when & where exactly to show up. He’s lame.

Rebecca said...

does anyone else notice that jenny has lost some inches in her chest? maybe she got her implants removed.

jadys said...

Um, is that Jenny McCarthy?