Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Burberry takes Kate back

Gemma is o.k. for a bit...but Kate is for keeps.
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Janae said...

I'm sorry Elisa cuz I know you and others love Kate...but

I'm jealous!!

She's skinny and beautiful; messes up with drugs and still has like the easiest freaking job in the world.

No fair!

jadys said...

Gemma Ward just looks like a skinnier version of David Bowie. A model coathanger.

Anonymous said...

Has she put on weight? Her thighs are looking way bigger than they ever did before.

Sylvie said...

kate is amazing! and now shes back w/ calvin klein. they showed some new calvin ads w/ kate on the news yesterday and they look great.

Elisa said...

I want big thighs like that :)

Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

*loks at the last pic*

She would end up with 'camel toe' if she pulls those pants up higher....

She needs to eat o just keep her nose away from the magic snow!

Anonymous said...

yes she messes with drugs and that is juts dumb. but professionally, a true supermodel. thank God she's back!