Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Maniston hits Sydney

My goodness...as if my life needed any more complications. Maniston is in town for her Breakup flick...and just after we got rid of Messica and Fuglee Simpson! I think Maniston knows about me though...she was trying to be very inconspicuous what with hiding behind her hair the whole night and all...but.I.still.see.you.


Anonymous said...

Geez! I just want to reach out and tuck her hair behind her ear!

Anonymous said...

Keep her! We don't want her ass anymore.

eurys said...

lol, hang in there!

I'm tired of people pretending she looks good (great legs! great hair!) when she is average in this cruel Hollywood world just because she was dumped. Yet, they probably criticize every other girl.

Franci said...

Agree Anon 1:24
Just imagine how long would YOU stand you own hair in your face like that? This woman is either crazy or has some serious assumed attention deficit disorder (AADD - the flu that so often infects talentless people)