Friday, June 02, 2006

Katie's back on the path

Last we heard of Holmbie, she had run away to her parents in Ohio...but that didn't last long...quite possibly because her parents wanted to see the mysterious Suri, and didn't quite understand the whole "she's still on Venus waiting for the thetans to leave my body" any case...all appears to be back on track for the Cruise Katie appears to be taking to her horse tranquilisers quite nicely once again.

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Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Notice how she keeps her eyes averted. According to that great philosopher L. Ron Fatfraud, the man must always be the dominant partner in a marriage. Maybe that's why he beat his wives.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom, where's your damn baby? I've seen you, I've seen your zombie "fiance", and yet no Suri. She does exist, right? This isn't some crazy scheme to appear straight is it?

Val said...

Does he not look like a complete dumbass in that hat that is too big?