Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fug Overload

Since starting this blog I have developed a certain immunity towards grossness and fug...but seriously...sometimes the battle to retain my mental health is very.very.hard. This Paris, Messica, and Hatchetface trifecta are trying to bring me down.

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Anonymous said...

Really! You're so right!!
Its tooo much.. are these 'ladies' just without any sense of good looking things?? Or are they just thinking, Im hot, whatever I wear is hot, Im hot, breath in, Im hot, breath out, Im hot.. or are they just bad advised.. or wait.. all of this reasons are true and we can pick one ;-)

El Tete said...

Ugh! My... eyes... hurt...

Rebecca said...

i've seen jessica with that dress on in other pictures without the sweater. i guess it's a favorite and not just a one time accident.

Franci said...

I was too lazy to check Paris in the first pic, so I levae her uncommented.
Jessica's sweater does not look THAT bad, but the skirt - horror! At first glance I thought she had no lesg at all and/or she is hiding behind a curtain/tablecloth that is happening to be right there where her skirts would suppossed to be. Like an optical illusion you know.
on Terri's picture one would think when watching her: Oh, quite an ugly top, oh, look down, it's nt just that the top is ugly, he's wearing a REALLY ugly dress, and when you reach the boots you go WHOOAA ?!?

d mumsie said...

This is blindingly.. make me a ugly-tramp couture

Anonymous said...

Oh, Elisa, aren't you jealous? Too bad you have nothing on either of these celebs!

Elisa said...

yes got me. I am in fact incredibly jealous :)

Janae said...

Oh Elisa.

Maybe you should just change your blog to "Look Everyone How Jealous I Am of these Hott Celebs".

Certain readers are so convinced of that, and keep accusing you of it - after all, it's such an original, compelling argument, jealousy.

I mean who wouldn't be simmeringly jealous of Teri....Britney....Jessica....Ashleigh.....Posh......!!!!!

Elisa said...

haha make me laugh :)