Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Heather lands on several more landmines

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYou've got to kind of love the U.K press. They're simply vicious. I bet you that Heather would have been "Aniston-ified" by the U.S press had her and Paul been American...I mean, Aniston has all her limbs, doesn't do much for charity and everyone still thinks she's an angel. But alas, Heather is from the U.K...and so while things were kept quiet while she was married to Paul...the honeymoon is all over now. First came the (rather boring) pornographic German picture book...and now comes the bizarre story that she was in fact "a high-priced call girl who took part in orgies with rich Arabs." Apparently,
" arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi paid her more than $11,000 to have sex — and that a Saudi prince shelled out $9,000-plus to join in a three-way with another woman."

...c'mon...even if it's true, even I'm finding that cruel...woman's got kid for goodness sake.


whatwouldjanicedickinsondo said...

Elisa, my dear, you are going to hell for that lede! Hell i tell's ya!

and on the bus this morning, i noticed that one of our local rags reproduced the Sun photo with the headline "The Lady is a Tramp!"

pure class, my city.

Anonymous said...

Women sleep with men for money all the time. They're called wives.

Kate said...

Seems kinda spendy for just one night with Heather...she's not THAT much of a looker. :-)

Janae said...

I feel really bad for her. Even though I don't think she deserves $400 Million (like I do).

I'm wondering why they're only waiting til now to uncover all this? Why didn't they pull this stuff out when they were engaged I wonder?

I don't think they ever liked her.

GrinforGrin said...

What about two-income families anon1205?

How about if I want to sleep with a woman for Her income so I can stay home, do some consulting and look after the kids? ;-)

Rebecca said...

that photo is unbearable. she looks like she is in shock or something or something is terribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

frankly, the press has always bashed heather, and with good reason. whether or not she has a kid doesn't matter -- kate moss has a kid, and does that stop the press from talking shit about her? of course not. a child is not a bulletproof shield against bad press, and it doesn't erase your past simply because people want to be "nice."