Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Naomi keeps on hitting her hired help

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Naomi's been at it again. Another maid...Ms Gaby Gibson is now accusing Campbell of "personal injuries," "employment discrimination," "civil assault," "civil battery" and other complaints. Naomi needs to start eating or take up a nice hobby...like becoming a pop star a la Paltrow.


Franci said...

That gives me an idea. As I'm out of job now, all I have to do is to get hired as Naomi's assistant (I might opt for browsing internets sites instead of her, for example). During my job I should carefull yavoid her at all costs and communicate with Miss Naomi only via email or phone. A month later I sue her for hitting me. Tada - big money.
(At the same time I am not questioning that poor woman's status. I believe her.)

Elisa said...

haha franci...and after that...try to get a concierge job at a hotel where russell stays at :)

Franci said...

thanks for the tip!