Monday, June 12, 2006

Queen's Birthday

It's a public holiday...what with the Queen's Birthday and I'm taking a break for the day. I could be vaguely witty and place up a picture of a latent homosexual man...but the Hollywood selection to choose from is too great. So instead I'll leave you with some vintage Ashlee Simpson and some new Ashlee Simpson. For a second there I was worried that my Fuglee had somehow unfugged herself...but it's o.k...because our girl she's still a hot she's just a botoxed, restyline-d and rhinoplasty-ed hot mess.

image hosted by image hosting by (Phillip is surely her inspiration...I'm sure her chin dislodges just like that...)


DrDiSaia said...

So "Pre-op" is now "Vintage?" Being a wine lover this confuses me. Isn't new and improved better? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Öhm.. why are they doing something like that.. ok, the nose looks a bit better, but her lips.. uargh

Janae said...

Man, this is hard for me.

Cuz I don't endorse gratuitous plastic surgery.

But I have to admit she does look a little better. She wasn't gross before, at all though.

I guess just the fact that her sister has obviously done so much to her own poor face (and ironically looked much better before!).

It's sad that Ashleigh felt she had to do it too.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the way she looked before, but I totally understand the pressures of trying to conform to the Hollywood Beauty Code, or HBC, as it shall be known from now on. Whoever did her work did a really beautiful job, and she is very very pretty now. I *always* thought she was more attractive than Jessic, she was just going through an awkward phase. Now she is really blossoming. She looks sort of like Sienna Miller now - very feminine and soft. I hope she grows into it and likes it.

Elisa said...

I agree that her nose is much better....but she's looking a little scary now...she's morphing into Jess...and that's not such a pretty thing, considering Jess looks straight up like a dude 99% of the time.

Anonymous said...

I understand in rhinoplasty, and I must say her nose is perfect, and healing amazinly fast! On regular basis american surgeons prefer doing open rhinoplasty, after which swelling can last for TWO years (seen that) So she is lucky - she had very good close rhinoplasty.
Mona (CPP)

Dawn said...

Yeah, she looks pretty, but like every other blonde girl in Hollywood now. How can we say, "Oh're so gorgeous"...when it's all store bought? Her beauty doesn't matter now because it's been created.

Anonymous said...

Larry the cable guy looks better than you Elisa, and that is not a good thing.