Friday, June 09, 2006

Linda Evangelista pushes the boundaries for thin people

Ususally very thin people can wear crazy-oversized things and still manage to look thin...a luxury unfortunately, not quite reciprocated for fat people...but Linda hasn't quite managed it today. In any case...the girl's face still looks fabulous...and makes me yearn for a time when supermodels ruled instead of the half-baked, vapid, and talentless 'actresses' of today.


whatwouldjanicedickinsondo said...

Cripes, you're right. What on earth....?

but the face looks fantastic.

Meesh said...

Any chance she's pregnant?

Anonymous said...

another photo service (abaca) had a caption "pregnant Canadian topmodel".. she looks pregnant to me. Huge boobs.

Anonymous said...

Linda is such an extraordinary person and model. I love her to death. She's obviously pregnant here. After losing her six months pregnancy in 99, this makes her new pregnancy all the more special. She's 41 and still had that glow.

Elisa said...

*doubletake*...she's 41?!?
She looks younger than I do right now!!!