Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Babies R Us

Sorry for the delay. I was off in Namibia helping Brad cut Angelina/Shiloh's umbilical cord...then I had to go and help out with the delivery of Kingston James McGregor Rossdale...this was all o.k. Where I really ran into problems was when I went off to try and discover the existence of baby Suri at Cannes...and instead got my soul taken away by Faye Dunaway.

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Kid Vidd said...

Don't look directly at it.

And cover your heart!!!!!

Anonymous said...

But what do you think about the names of the newborn Elisa?
And did you hear about the name Matt Damons want to use for his child?

Janae said...




Kitty - The Librarian Fox said...

Horsey er...maneating horse?

NiolK said...

Whats wrong with you people it's perfectly natural. She's just getting ready to spit, waiting for the venom sacks behind her ears to empty into her throat.

Elisa said...

haha niolk :)
anon 928...I like the name Kingston...I think it suits Gwen and Gavin...Shiloh sux though. Seriously...that's a bad reminds me of farm silos...

Franci said...

I have no idea how this 'Shiloh' is pronounced, but if it it pronounced sg like she-low, than it means silo (farm fodder) in our language, too.
And how' bout her second name something like Nouveo? Nuevo?
Isn't it the sing of sonething NEW? like a cross between humand and something else?
(Just suggestions.)

Elisa said...

hmm..I think it's Shi-loh...Nou-vel
or something like that.
IF it is nouvel then that would be odd...because it's the masculine form of "new"...
I've head also that Shiloh was a bloodthirsty american also means peace in hebrew though.

Franci said...

Playing with words, we're slowly getting into Orwell's territory here :)

Anonymous said...

At first glance I thoungt it was

Janae said...

I do love that name, Shiloh. I always have.

I think it's beautiful. I love that Neil Diamond song of the same name.

I'm so glad someone finally named their kid a name I like.

nickym said...

thats pete burns innit???