Thursday, July 28, 2005


Hey Sugars,
I'm completely spent today...I haven't really been the same since I cut out my recreational drugs, on Tom Cruise's advice. Those vitamins he gave me certainly aren't giving my the kick I thought they would...and are ten times more expensive! :)

In any case...we should all be giving our thanks to the US Feds for saving this blog's existence! Apparently terrorists wanted to kill thousands by poisoning the US cocaine supply. As you can imagine...that would have cut our blog-victims to a very, very short list, namely...crack addicts. So...although Whitney's lost her chance to become a huge star again...I'm sure it's all been for the best.

Long live L.A!
thanks sleazyred!


Tarun Khanna said...

OMG are the BEST blog-master ever...your blog rocks my world...hahaha...that's funny re: Whitney!!!

GrinforGrin said...

Pity they waited this long, if they had done that during the 80s, they would have killed George W.

Elisa said...

hey g4g...that's a good one :)