Thursday, September 01, 2005

Jennifer Aniston is the fairest of them all... we live in world with Blanchett, Moss, Portman, Kurkova, Dahl, Winslet, Thurman...

...and yet the person 'people' most wish to look like is...Jennifer Aniston? Sienna Miller coming in second.

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Who are these 'people'? All 20 members of the "being cheated on immediatley makes you beautiful" club...maybe with some help from the 5 members of the "I marry impossibly good-looking men...solely for their looks...and am then surprised when they don't act like the Elephant Man" club...

I'm going to stop because Ginger is going to yell at me :) I need a lie down.


whatwouldjanicedickinsondo said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again...people are stupid.

aniston does not have one good facial feature. look at her. crap nose job, big chin, ugly mouth, boring eyes (the colour is nice, but that's it). and yet she was on the cover of people's most beautiful issue.

and sienna? totally unremarkable. looks okay when wearing heavy eye makeup, otherwise completely plain and forgettable. like every girl you see on the street.

no, people are thinking, hey, one landed brad pitt, the other got jude law (neither of whom i find special, but to each their own) so maybe the key is to look like these two broads.

rant over.

Elisa said...

hahaha...very.very wise're absolutely right :) I can understand Sienna...if Renee Zellwegger gets cheated on next...I'm guessing that'll make HER the most beautiful hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jennifer & Sienna are totally nice people. But as far as the looks department, come on.

Aniston's features are not enviable although her body is. Sienna is boring. She's just another boring blonde chick.

aly said...

If I looked like Uma I would shoot myself, she looks so weird! Same with Jennifer. Not agreeing with Sienna though...

American Princess said...

Ew! I wouldn't want to look like Jennifer Aniston! Sienna Miller is pretty, though.

Ginger said...

Alright!!! I got mentioned in an actual post!! I'm honored, Elisa (sniff, sniff).

Seriously, though, it is kinda funny that I got mentioned for being a Jennifer Aniston apologist.

I am actually not a fan at all. I CAN empathize with the poor girl though, having been cheated on before. I was mortified and humiliated, and that was without the whole world watching.

Also, of the plethora of obnoxious celebrities to choose from, I don't find her at all objectionable. She seems very nice and grounded.

I don't think she is beautiful, but she is pretty in a normal way, which is why I think lots of girls would prefer to look like her than some exotic but inaccessible supermodel.

Besides she has great hair!!

Darksin said...

It is the nose, scarily enough, everything sits so right, then the nose. Hmmm, maybe that is it, the backlash against Michael Jackson noses. Every one now wants a nose you can get your hand around, one that you know you won't find stuck to the pillow in the morning. The worm turns.

jadys said...

Most beautiful?? *commence response* Hahahahahahahahahahahaha



If I could look like one celebrity, it would be Monica Bellucci. But what do I know, my resume doesn't mention anything about "Babe Identification Skills".

Jack Bennett said...

Sienna is beautiful IMO. Jen Aniston? Not as much. She's average looking (and I say that as an average looking person myself).

Personally back when she was younger and had a little weight (and I think before the nose job) back when she was on the short-lived "Ben Stiller Show" she was MUCH better (and healthier) looking. This was of course before Brad and "Friends".

Elisa said...

haha...if I could look like anyone it would be model like Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Stam, Stella Tennant, or Ciara Nugent...not an actress...but anyway :)
Yeah...I agree Jack...I remember the first time I ever saw her was on this summer camp movie "the best summer" or something like that...she was VERY different looking...but she was sweet.

Yeah...I think Sienna is gorgeous as well...but I don't think she'd make it on my top 10.

haha Ginger :) You're a Jennifer lover and you know it :) j/k

much love,

Janae said...

As WWJDD said, I find Sienna so, so forgettable. But even more than that; I've been wanting to mention this to see if anyone else has noticed this. That everytime I see Sienna I NEVER KNOW WHO SHE IS. She's such a remarkable blend of so many people, it's like she It's totally weird to me. I have never seen someone look so..."non". Just nothing there. Or maybe she just looks so much like a lil bit of many actresses, that it just adds up to nothing for me. Does anyone else notice this?!

And I agree with JB I think who said that Jennifer Aniston was gorgeous in the earlier days of Friends when she had more weight on her. And she was skinny goodness! I do like Jen A. though.

Elisa said...'s funny...I don't find that with Sienna (i guess because I like her and have seen a lot of pics of her) BUT...the EXACT same thing used to happen to me with Jude's ex Sadie Frost...every time I her I could Never Ever tell who the hell she was like..she looked different each time, and looked like everyone else at the same time...really weird.
haha...Jude probably goes for people who can't recognise so they're easier to forget and hence, easier to cheat on :)

SleazyRed said...

WWWJDD is spot on.

Bloodly Kiera 'pouty trout' Knightly and Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Church - holy shit are they mental? I see that is a British list (hence Abi whatsit who I am sure no one outside of the UK knows who she is and for one wish I did).

Sophia Loren
Isabella Rosellni
Elle McOzzie
Clara Bow

are some of the truly beautiful women that spring to mind..

I couldnt remember any more so I googled beautiful women and got this..

Janae said...

Hilarious comment about Jude, Elisa!! He'd prolly even think it was funny.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Aniston is just what old men like myself like to look at. She's good looking, sexy, and when she is photographed, she appears to know what the viewer is thinking. In my case, it is very naughty, and I like to think she wants me to have my way with her, starting with her feet and legs. I'd spend quite a bit of time with those, and she'd let me too.